After an unusual March 17/18th weekend with no races, March 24/25th marked a weekend with numerous towerrunning USA cup races, just one week before Easter break.


Master the Met


Sat March 24th was the long-running and always competitive Master the Met in St Louis, Missouri. With last year’s winner and record-setter Terry Purcell passing on the event, the title was up for grabs. In the 2018 edition, the top three men all climbed the building a total of 8 times in the power hour event. Joshua Duncan took first, completing his eight climbs in 49:35.  Ahren Reitler finished second in 53:34, and John Osborn took third place in 57:30.


On the women’s side, Roxanne Sanchez won the power hour with seven climbs in 1:01:17. Megan Berg finished in second with six climbs in 50:30, and close behind in third was Ashlyn Koletic with six climbs in 51:02.  


Master the Met also has a solo climb event in which competitors race up the building once. Those racers competing in the power hour have their fastest individual rep taken as their solo-climb time. This year, St Louis local John Wilmas gave it his all in his first rep, and finished with the fastest overall time, clocking in an impressive 4:48.2! His regular training in the Met and familiarity with the venue likely helped bring him the win. Wilmas finished his power hour with six laps in 56:06. Very close behind in the solo climb was John Osborn with 4:50.4 and Ahren Reitler in third with 5:01.5.  Rounding out the top 5 were Josh Duncan (5:08.3) and Bob Klinko (5:46.6).  


On the women’s side, Christie Grubbs won the solo climb with a time of 6:07.6, power hour winner Roxanne Sanchez was second with a 6:29.1, and Rebecca Ridderhoff was third with 6:38.8. Rounding out the solo-climb top five was Jill Paha (6:49) and Brittany Storandt (7:04.4)


Six climbers were under the 6:00 bonus cutoff, so the 100 point solo-climbrace received no additional bonus points.

Fight for Air Charlotte


At the 2018 fight for air climb Charlotte, a very strong women’s field vied for the title of fastest climber. Stephanie Hucko not only finished the race as fastest female, but took first place overall, with a very impressive 5:26.  Stephanie proved again why she is the current second ranked female tower runner in the USA, and consistently one of the fastest climbers around. Michael Peters, the first place male, was 18 seconds behind Stephanie with a climb time of 5:44. Third place overall and second place female was Meg Santanna, completing her climb in 6:01.


The 3rd to 5th place women were Susanne Bergen with 6:19, Linda Viner with 6:41, and Angel Town with a 7:04


The 2nd to 5th place men were Thomas Radillio with 6:10, Johnny Peters with 6:15, Tyler Pate with 6:22, and Jacob Fiorillo with 6:30.


Eight climbers were under the 6:40 bonus cutoff, so the 100 point race received no additional bonus points.


Big Climb Seattle


The 2018 edition of the extremely popular and well-attended Big Climb Seattle once again provided some excellent competition, with the top four men separated by only 10 seconds. In a blast from the past, tower running legend Jesse Berg traveled from Chicago to Seattle and took first place overall with a time of 7:59.  Close behind was local star Tristan Roth with an 8:08. In third place was Chris Baldus with a 8:09. Rounding out the men’s top 5 was former stratosphere winner Zach Schade also with 8:09, and Eric Brill with an 8:23.


In the women’s race, first place went to Christina Nicholson with a 9:29, Gabriel Maggiore finished in second with a 10:08, and Amy Brown finished third in 10:29.  Rounding out the top five was Carlie Boyle with a 10:45 and Brianna Clark with a 11:01.


25 climbers were under the 9:45 bonus cutoff, so the 100 point race received an additional 75 bonus points and was scored as 175


Fight for Air Philadelphia


This race also featured a blast from the past, with David Tromp back on the scene and taking the top two spots! (Yes, he entered and raced twice). His winning time was 6:15, with Stephen Marsalese taking second place in 6:45, (Tromp’s second climb of _:__ doesn’t count for points), and  Alexander Krol taking third with a 7:12. Rounding out the top 5 males was Matt Zacharkow(7:15) and Jason Pantano (7:24).


On the women’s side, Jennifer West finished first with a 8:36, Caitlin O’malley was second with a 8:49, and Danielle Volz finished third with a 8:56.  Rounding out the top 5 were Madelyn Stevens(8:59) and Jennifer Marsalis(9:20).


12 climbers were under the 8:00 bonus cutoff, so the 100 point race received an additional 10 bonus points and was scored as 110


Written by David Hanley 

Special thanks to Jason Larson for edits and corrections!